Annalee Belle

Model. Makeup Artist.

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johnnygrey21287 asked: Can you make a video eating a donut? Maple frosted? Please and thank you.

OMG…glad you asked! I have some upcoming projects you’ll like.

And yes, I totally will do that. 😋

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johnnygrey21287 asked: Omg! where did you find that Homeward Bound shirt?

Idk, but I love it!

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polara1234 asked: Think you forgot about all the stuff i got you 😟

Not at all. I haven’t even had time to open up the packages yet. I have so much to catch up with here!

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undeadelf666 asked: Would you ever consider letting a fan do a photo shoot of you to build on their portfolio ?

I shoot with photographers of any level, so absolutely. :)

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Anonymous asked: I want to eat your doughnut! Do you like being rimmed?

Ummmm…not by random people…